Selling your car with a

Engine Management Problem

Has your car run out of steam? Is the engine on the brink or the alternator on its way out? Whatever state your car may be in, we’re here to offer you a speedy valuation and an extremely fair price. No faff, no haggling with private sellers or the local scrap yard. Just a simple valuation process,  agree the sale and arrange free collection and immediate payment – potentially within the hour.

Mechanical trouble and common faults

There are a wide variety of engine management faults, which could trigger the warning light to display, we summarise some of these below:

The DPF (diesel particulate filter) is a particularly sensitive “beast” of a component and is prone to blockage, particularly with inner-city, stop-start driving. If the DPF becomes blocked expect the engine management warning light to show and depending on the make/model of van expect driving to change to “limp home mode”

if there are problems with the amount of emissions (noxious gases) being output the engine management light will display. This may just be a faulty sensor, which needs replacing or it could be that work is needed to optimise the van for emissions

At the time of ignition the engine management light can be triggered if there is deemed to be an ignition fault. This could be a range of issues such as coil or glow plug (in diesels) failure, etc.

if the fuel filler cap is loose, this can trigger the engine management warning light as the cap needs to be secure for safe usage of the van. Issues with airflow can trigger the engine management light, this is most likely to be an issue with the air filter, which most likely is blocked and needs replacement.


Selling a Van with Engine Management Faults

Imagine trying to sell a van to a buyer and when you do the road test the engine management warning light displays! That renders the van virtually unsaleable until you have resolved the issue. Given that the light could be displayed for many reasons, there will be diagnostics to pay for and an unknown bill ahead.

Call us now on 0121 285 9859 or call/text 07582 859 859 and get the money you need by selling your broken van. Alternatively, enter your reg# and receive a free online valuation with a fair price today, funds could be in your bank within 30 minutes!

Engine Management Light Problems? – We Will Buy Your Van

Do you have engine management light problems? Perhaps you just want to sell the van and not actually work out what is wrong? Well, you can! We will buy your van at a fair price even if there is an engine management light showing.

Sell your van quickly by calling 0121 285 9859 or call us text us at 07582 859 859. We look forward to receiving your call. We collect vans UK-mainland nationwide and complete many sales in only two days.

We buy cars with other common faults too.

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